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Cadro Frame System Cadro Frame System
Cadro Frame System
Looking to create unique furniture that stands out from the rest? Look no further than Cadro – the aluminium frame system that offers endless creative possibilities for furniture design. With a range of aluminium profiles and connecting nodes, the Cadro frame system is designed to accommodate 16 mm shelves made of materials like wood or 6 mm glass shelves.
OrgaStore 270 OrgaStore 270
OrgaStore 270
Step into the realm of premium organisation with the OrgaStore 270 Drawer Organisation system! Crafted from high-quality wood, this system is primed to revolutionise the way you manage storage in your drawers. Take advantage of its ability to mix and match individual units, enabling it to adapt to cabinet body widths of varying sizes.
Banio Orga Set Banio Orga Set
Banio Orga Set
The Banio Orga Set is an interior organisation system designed for drawers in bathroom furniture. It offers a practical and convenient solution for organising toiletries and other bathroom essentials. The set includes a variety of compartments and dividers, made of durable plastic material, that can be easily combined and configured to fit different drawer sizes and shapes.
OrgaTray 510 OrgaTray 510
OrgaTray 510
Imagine having an impeccably organised kitchen with everything at your fingertips. That’s the magic of the OrgaTray 510 Drawer Organisation! This premium plastic drawer insert, tailored for cabinet body widths of 550 mm and nominal lengths of 350 mm, is a champion at keeping your kitchen and household items in perfect order.
Actro 5D Actro 5D
Actro 5D
Experience the Power of Precision with Actro 5D Drawer Runner Meet Hettich’s Indulgent Actro 5D drawer runner – the pinnacle of quality, stability, and precision for your project design. Featuring a 5-way adjustment capability, Actro 5D is the epitome of precision. It’s perfect for creating ultra-narrow reveals, making it an exceptional choice for distinctive furniture designs that demand meticulous attention to detail.
Quadro Quadro
Experience Precision with Quadro Drawer Runner: A Class Apart. Introducing Quadro, Hettich’s drawer runner, known for its reliable and superior performance. With its sophisticated engineering, Quadro guarantees a seamless and effortless drawer movement, even under intense load conditions.
Ball Bearing KA Ball Bearing KA
Ball Bearing KA
Experience Robustness with Ball Bearing KA Drawer Runner: Unbreakable Performance. Meet the virtually indestructible KA ball bearing runners from Hettich. Experience a seamless drawer operation, thanks to the high-quality ball bearings, which ensure lateral stability and smooth movement, even under substantial loads.
AvanTech YOU AvanTech YOU
AvanTech YOU
Meet AvanTech YOU, Hettich’s deluxe drawer system that answers every design-lover’s dream. Our slim and stylish drawers are the go-to solution for those who value style and substance. With all the screws and fixtures cleverly hidden, you get a flawless, uninterrupted look, all crafted in Germany using top-grade steel.
ArciTech ArciTech
The ArciTech drawer system Hettich’s pemium drawer system and is the perfect choice for those seeking a combination of style and performance. Made in Germany with the highest quality steel. With the ArciTech platform concept, manufacturers can enjoy complete customisation while keeping it simple. The drawer system is adaptable to any environment, making it a versatile option for a wide range of applications.
InnoTech Atira InnoTech Atira
InnoTech Atira
Meet the InnoTech Atira drawer system, which is the perfect day-to-day drawer for your living space. Sporting a modern, neat design, it is practical and cost-efficient, earning its place as a favourite among customers. Crafted in Germany with superior quality steel, it stands for durability and reliability. Enjoy the freedom of customisation with attachments like TopSide, enabling you to tailor your drawer to fit your unique style.
WingLine S WingLine S
WingLine S
Looking for an economic solution for your next project? Look no further than WingLine S folding door system. This reliable technology provides unbeatable value for money, and it’s the perfect solution for small fronts. Plus, with the modular principle, upgrading hinged door cabinets is a breeze.
WingLine L WingLine L
WingLine L
Revolutionise the way you experience folding sliding doors with WingLine L. The new opening mechanism, Push / Pull to move, allows for effortless access to everything inside the cabinet with just a simple movement of the hand. This impressive panorama effect provides access to up to 6m² of cabinet content, leaving everything in perfect view.
WingLine 230 WingLine 230
WingLine 230
Looking for a folding door system that can handle mammoth tasks? Look no further than WingLine 230! With its ability to open up areas of over 6 m² in a single movement, WingLine 230 is perfect for large cabinets, such as those found in the office or utility room, and as an agile room divider.
Sensys Sensys
Experience Luxurious Silence with Sensys Hinges from Hettich Hettich’s indulgent hinge, Sensys, is an epitome of a superior soft-closing mechanism and award-winning design, making it your ideal choice for enhancing the comfort and tranquility of your living space. Sensys boasts of its unique Silent System, ensuring remarkable performance and efficiency.
Veosys Veosys
Veosys: The corrosion-proof all-rounder for indoor and outdoor applications For a robust and durable hinge that can withstand temperature fluctuations and moisture, look no further than the Veosys hinge from Hettich. Its stainless steel finish makes it a versatile choice for all sorts of applications, including outdoor environments, spa centers, gyms, and laboratories and hospitals, where it has been tested and proven to resist corrosion.
Intermat Intermat
Intermat hinges from Hettich offer precisely that, with innovative technology and tangible convenience in everyday use. Hettich’s decades of experience and ongoing product improvement ensure reliable, on-time delivery, and fast availability of Hettich products worldwide, making it a trustworthy partner for your design needs. The Intermat hinge is a versatile and handy solution for fast assembly, making it easy to fit and adjust without any effort.
Spotlights Spotlights
Unleash the power of focused lighting with Hettich’s Spotlight range by Halemeier Lighting! Designed with top-notch, energy-saving LED technology, these spotlights are perfect for illuminating specific corners or standout elements in your room – be it artwork, architecture, or simply your favorite reading nook.
ChannelLine Profiles ChannelLine Profiles
ChannelLine Profiles
Imagine the freedom to design your own lighting setup – that’s exactly what you get with Hettich’s Halemeier Lighting’s Channelline Profiles range! Crafted from top-grade aluminium, these profiles are perfect for incorporating LED strips and creating your unique lighting ambience.
Linear Lights Linear Lights
Linear Lights
Elevate your spaces with the modern elegance of Hettich’s Halemeier Linear Light range! Crafted for those who love sleek illumination, these linear lights, available in diverse lengths, serve as standout fixtures on their own or combined for customized lighting layouts. Immerse yourself in the blend of high-quality illumination and eco-friendly design with our LED technology.
Folk Folk
Embark on a journey into the Folk style world, where each furniture handle carries a story within its design. Here, we embrace tradition with classic shapes and hues, lavishly detailed patterns, and smooth finishes, all of which lend a comforting warmth to the handle collection
Organic Organic
This collection is an ode to natural beauty, boasting organic forms and finishes that echo the rugged allure of nature. The feel is raw, the vibe, authentically rustic. If you're eager to invite nature's enchantment into your living space, you've arrived at the perfect destination. Welcome to the Organic Handle style world - where we bring the outside in!
Deluxe Deluxe
The Deluxe handle collection isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about crafting spaces that are as captivatingly beautiful as they are functional. It’s all about homes that tease the senses, lavished with a dollop of luxury. Picture shimmering metals, think majestic hues – they are the essence of this style world.
KA 5740 Pocketdoor KA 5740 Pocketdoor
KA 5740 Pocketdoor
Revolutionise your furniture design with the Hettich retractable door fitting KA 5740. This stroke of genius makes it possible for doors to slide back into the sides of the cabinet body when they are opened, freeing up valuable space in your living room or multimedia furniture.
VerticoMono VerticoMono
Reinvent your Space with Vertico Mono Experience the perfect sliding door system for bookshelves and shelf units with Vertico Mono. The vertically sliding door is precision-guided in an inset aluminum profile, with a discreet aluminum or wooden cover profile hiding the pre-mounted components. Ideal for any setting, let Vertico Mono transform your space.
SlideLine M SlideLine M
SlideLine M
SlideLine M is the perfect choice for wall units, shelf systems, kitchen wall units, bathroom furniture, and office cabinets. SlideLine M is suitable for all common furniture constructions with wooden, glass, or aluminum frame doors. Profiles are available for several shelf thicknesses, giving you the flexibility to create custom solutions that perfectly match your design vision.
FurnSpin FurnSpin
This rotating shelf is an intelligent supplement for every fridge and kitchen. It offers a clever solution to an everyday problem: How to access the items in the back of the fridge? A plus: It can easily be removed for cleaning. A clever idea!
ComfortSpin ComfortSpin
This rotating shelf is an intelligent supplement for every fridge and kitchen. It offers a clever solution to an everyday problem: How to access the items in the back of the fridge? A plus: It can easily be removed for cleaning. A clever idea!
LightTower LightTower
Pull Systems Pull Systems
Pull Systems
Laundry basket Pull-Out Laundry basket Pull-Out
Laundry basket Pull-Out
Bin.it Bin.it
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Win a Luxury Wildlife to Winery Accommodation Package, when you purchase AvanTech YOU or InnoTech Atira drawer system set.

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A Lesson for All – Biesse’s kitchen donation to assist the Blinman family


11 January 2024

By Hettich
11 January 2024

The late economist Milton Friedman was famously quoted to have said, “The business of business is business” but for Biesse, the business of business is also to care, and sometimes, as with Damian and Kathryn, to give where it was not asked.

Damian and Kathryn’s story began in September 2021 when, in the midst of the pandemic, Damian was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer. Damian was a referee for the local football league and noticed he was getting more fatigued after ‘reffing’ a few games. At first they put it down to lifestyle but eventually decided to see a GP leading to blood tests and CT scans. Damian was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer; a cancer that has spread to the liver. What followed is a tale of determination, a positive attitude and a belief they could overcome the challenges imposed on their family.

Damian is currently a high-risk trainer and assessor but started out as a chef at the age of sixteen. They’ve moved around the country from time to time and ten years ago, Kathryn and Damian moved from Far North Queensland to Gunnedah, 66km west of Tamworth in New South Wales with their three children; Ellyn, Cooper and Toby. Andrew Pratt, now territory manager for Biesse, was at that time the Gunnedah real estate agent who sold them their new home and Damian, Kathryn and Andrew have remained good friends ever since.

Kathryn and Damian have a young family; Ellyn is 19, Cooper is 17 and Toby, 15. The whole family has pulled together; Kath said, “Damian is remarkable, his mindset about eliminating negative words like ‘cancer survivor’ that battle against the energy needed to fight this is amazing.” Early this year Damian underwent successful surgery to remove the bowel cancer, but the liver cancer remains and so too, their challenge.

In August this year, when it made sense to Damian and Kath to speed up their home renovations because of their unknown future, they asked Andrew if he could suggest a good kitchen manufacturer through his industry connections. There was also the local issue of trades being booked solid for up to six months. Andrew said, “Leave it with me, I’ll handle this for you.” Kath admits she would normally like to have been more involved in the details of this type of project, but she and Damian had bigger issues to tackle so Andrew’s offer to ‘handle it’ was very welcome. Damian said, “Andrew made the process so much simpler for us, and the kitchen goes way beyond everything we expected it would be.”

Andrew approached Biesse with the idea they could help Damian and Kathryn and Biesse agreed without hesitation. Andrew; who is a qualified Cabinet Maker (Kitchens and Bathrooms), designed the kitchen using CAD software and with Abdul, Biesse’s showroom manager, produced the components at their Sydney showroom. Biesse were using their machines for demonstrations, and it made sense to process a kitchen that needn’t be recycled; it would go into someone’s home. During their recent open house, Polytec offered to supply the benchtops and board, and Hettich offered to supply the hardware after hearing about this meaningful project.

Andrew incorporated Kathryns few, “We would like” into the design and Simon and Matt Whiley at SMW Kitchens in Tamworth, Biesse users, came on board to instal the kitchen. Kathryn and Damian understood they were getting a kitchen at a good price and were grateful they could save a few dollars in their time of need. At no time up until the kitchen was installed mid-December did they find out that it was almost entirely free of cost. To say that moment was emotional would be an understatement. After all they have been through, this act of kindness and unqualified support, for the most part from people they had never met, was overwhelming.

It’s important for industry leaders to focus on developing a culture of care. Kathryn and Damian were not expecting the gift they received from Biesse, Hettich, Polytec and SMW Kitchens. They asked for nothing but for some advice. Biesse saw how important Damian and Kathryn were to Andrew and so, it was also important to Biesse. Andrew said, “Biesse gave me the time to be able to put my energy into something far bigger than us. I think what many of us learned through the recent pandemic was that we should look after each other more.”

“In a World where so much is going on you wonder where the compassion and kindness is. The level these guy’s went to; we just can’t believe it and we don’t know how we could ever repay it; we don’t have enough words to express how we feel about what they’ve done for us. The day we were officially given the diagnosis was during Covid; we couldn’t go anywhere but to a shopping centre in Tamworth. We were buying donuts, and I couldn’t figure out which card to use. People were probably thinking what’s wrong with her. It changed my way of thinking because you don’t know what people are going through.”

Christmas 2023 and Damian and Kathryn will have many family and friends over for some good food cooked by Damian in their new showroom kitchen. Kath and Damian admit their future is uncertain but for now, the family is pulling together. “This wasn’t going to stop our lives, but things have definitely changed.” Says Kath. A caravan has seen the family out and about, dependent on Damian’s medical treatment. It’s possible that a new protocol liver transplant at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital may be possible if conditions are right.

In life, there are times when you don’t get a second chance. Your health, specifically the identification of a serious condition, is one of those times. Sadly, too many people, most often men, are not likely to see the signs, or act soon enough to ensure timely treatment, leading to a full recovery. Kathryn said, “If, through reading our story, one person says ‘Maybe I should get a blood test done’ it might make a difference and could change their future. None of us are bulletproof and maybe our story is a lesson for everyone.”